Teaching Kids About Their ASSERTIVE SUPER POWERS!

Welcome back to another week of the “Teaching Kids About Character: An Alphabetic Blogging Series.” This week’s topic is X is for eXpresssive. When I think about the trait of being Expressive, I automatically think about ASSERTIVE SPEECH.

Although I’m sure you know that much of communication can also be conveyed through gestures, body posture, and facial expressions, speech seems to hold a POWER greater than the others in today’s world.

Teaching Kids Assertive Super Powers

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20+ HAUNTED HOUSE Activities for Kids + Linky

Welcome back to another week of the Love to Learn Linky and thanks for joining us!  This week we are featuring lots of fun HAUNTED HOUSE ideas.  We’ve got haunted houses your child can MAKE, ones to PLAY with, ones to LEARN with (of course!), ideas for creating a kid-friendly INDOOR haunted house, and links to some awesome PRINTABLES too.

Haunted House Activities for Kids

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Recycled Box Haunted House Luminary

I love the idea of spooky old houses!  When I was a kid, we had a neighbourhood “haunted house” that we all called “The Moon House.” My friends and I would visit it and sneak inside, past boarded up windows, and explore.  Completely reckless… and thrilling!

When I think of Halloween, I think of that house – full of ghosts of memories past and creaks and groans.  I thought I could create some of that spooky fun with a craft this year with my son, Onetime, and so together, we created this adorable recycled box Haunted House Luminary.

Haunted House Luminaries

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Tips to Support Kids Experiencing ANXIETY + Linky

Welcome back to another week of the Love to Learn Linky and thanks to all the bloggers who linked up last week!  For a few weeks now I have been spotting some awesome posts in the linky that have to do with helping kids deal with difficult emotions.

One emotion in particular that has lately become more prominent in my 3 year old son, Onetime, is anxiety.  Today’s post will share great ideas that I have found around the blogosphere (and in our Linky!) for helping your child deal with this uncomfortable emotional state.

Ways to Support Kids With Anxiety

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Wonder-Full: 8 Ways to Help Young Kids LOVE SCIENCE!

Welcome back to another week of “Teaching Kids About Character: An Alphabetic Blogging Series.”  This week’s topic is W is for Wonder-Full! How can we encourage our kids to be full of wonder – to be curious, to ask questions, to be motivated to find out how things work and why, and to appreciate the amazing complexity of our world? SCIENCE!

8 Ways to Grow a Scientist

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