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Mirror Painting Process Art for kids

Painting with Mirrors: Simple Process Art

This month I joined in on a huge Paint-a-Thon challenge with other kid bloggers. Last week, we played around with some homemade spicy scented sensory paint, and this week we tried exploring with painting with mirrors. Read on to check out the fun we had!

50 Autumn Art Activities for Kids - One Time Through

Open-Ended Autumn Art Activities for Kids + Giveaway!

Today we are featuring a HUGE mega-roundup of open-ended Autumn Art Activities for kids of all ages.  We’ve got painting, print-making, sculpture, drawing and collage ideas! At the end of today’s post you will find the entry details for our Fall Giveaway Contest – hosted by myself and other bloggers from the Kid Blogger Network.  Be sure to […]

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Supporting Kids with Anxiety

Tips to Support Kids Experiencing ANXIETY

For a few weeks now in the Love to Learn Linky, I have been spotting awesome posts that have to do with helping kids deal with difficult emotions. One emotion in particular that has lately become more prominent in my 3 year old son, Onetime, is anxiety.  Today’s post will share great ideas that I […]

Healthy Self-Esteem

Healthy Self-Esteem in Kids: 10 Things Parents Can DO to Help

Welcome back to another week of “Teaching Kids About Character: An Alphabetic Blogging Series.” This week’s topic is Y for (being) YourSELF! and it’s all about what we can do as parents to encourage our kids to develop healthy SELF-ESTEEM.

10 Ways to Discipline Without Controlling Our Kids

10 Ways to Discipline Without Controlling Our Kids

After I first heard parenting expert Alfie Kohn speak about the downsides of using punishments and rewards with children to encourage positive behaviour – I was converted. From there on, I shared the information with my husband and we made a conscious decision to avoid their use when raising our son. The problem then became, what […]

Teaching Kids to Accept Feelings

How to Teach Kids to Value and Accept Feelings

I have always been a very emotional person. I feel things very deeply and according to all my friends and family, I “wear my emotions on my sleeve.” However, I’ve also always struggled with this aspect of my temperament. I am choosy about who I intentionally reveal my feelings to and have struggled with expressing (or […]

Teach Kids About Feelings

Best Parent Resources to Teach Kids About Feelings

There are lots of things that parents can do to help their kids become emotionally intelligent and empathetic – the cornerstones of resilience. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding great resources to spark those kinds of conversations with your kids. Today I’ve gathered up a collection of awesome picture books, games, and activities that […]

Positive Parenting

Teaching Kids to Accept Feelings
Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Get Angry

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