40 Fun Halloween Candy Activities for Kids + CASH GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to our Halloween Candy roundup!  We have 40 links to everything CANDY! There are Sensory activities, Science experiments, tons of Math ideas, fun Arts & Crafts, some Language ideas, ways to Bake with sweets and more!

You won’t have to fear this year that your child’s Halloween stash will all have to be eaten. With many of these activities – your child will have FUN, will be LEARNING, and will be saving their TEETH!

We also have an AMAZING cash GIVEAWAY contest where you have a chance to WIN 1 of 4 $500 prizes!  Please see the bottom of the post for details and instructions for entering.

40 Halloween Candy Kids' Activities

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8 Tips to Get Your Preschooler Writing + Linky

Writing has got to be one of the most complex skills children can develop! Today’s post has lots of ways you can start getting your preschooler-aged child interested in writing and developing all of the skills necessary to becoming successful with writing.

8 Tips to Get Your Preschooler Writing - One Time Through sm

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Helping Aggressive Kids: 10 Positive Parenting Tips

Welcome back to another week of the “Teaching Kids About Character” series.  This week’s topic, S is for Social, is a tough one to tackle.  About a month ago, I posted M is for Mellow as a guide to dealing with kids when they are upset.  There was a lot of feedback on the post and most readers wanted more information about dealing with kids and aggression which just couldn’t be covered in that post.

Well, you asked and I researched! Today is a summary of what I have found that parenting experts who focus on positive discipline, advise when your child becomes aggressive.

Please keep in mind that everything I’m writing about today is based on responding to children when they’re upset in a proactive, positive way that does not involve any form of punishment.  If you’re interested in learning more about this approach to parenting, be sure to check out the Loving Your Kids Unconditionally post.

Aggressive Kids 10 Positive Parenting Tips to Help - One Time Through

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Freakishly Fun Halloween Playdough Ideas

We’ve been a little playdough crazy around here this week!  On Friday, we shared our 5 Senses Fall Playdough ideas and today we’re sharing 3 “Freakishly FUN” Halloween Playdough ideas.  It’s not too early for Halloween – is it?

Freakishly Fun Halloween Playdough Ideas

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5 Senses Fall Playdough Ideas

With Fall in the air, I wanted to set up some new sensory experiences for Onetime, my 3 year old son. He really enjoys playdough and so I came up with a few different ideas for some Fall Playdough activities that use all 5 senses!

5 Senses Fall Playdough


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