Spooky Sounds – Experiments for Kids + Halloween Book Blog Hop

We love the Magic School Bus books and TV show at my house right now and with Halloween approaching, I thought it would be fun to read a not-so-scary but related book from this series and do a fun (and educational – of course!) activity to make and collect spooky sounds.

Spooky Sounds Experiments

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U is for Understanding: Raising Prejudice-Free Kids

When I first created a list of positive Character Traits that I wanted to encourage in my son, the first idea for U that popped into my head was Understanding.  As I came nearer to writing this post, I began to think more about what kind of understanding did I want him to exhibit?

Did I want my 3 year old son Onetime to be understanding of other people’s feelings? Absolutely!  But we already covered that in our post E is for Empathetic.  What about understanding of people’s differences?  YES!

In a world where war between different cultures, and even racism and intolerance within our own culture, is an ever-present condition, what can we do to raise our children so they are free from racism and prejudice, and skilled enough to resolve conflicts with others peacefully?

Raising Our Kids to Be Prejudice Free and Understanding

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LOOSE Your Marbles (not LOSE Your Marbles)!

When my son, Onetime, was two years old, I quickly discovered how much he loved playing with toys that made an interesting sound.  I got inspired one day to create this simple marbles activity that is fun, great fine-motor practice, and makes all kinds of interesting noises! Oh, and we did some cool marble art too!

Loose Your Marbles
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Why Should I “Read” Wordless Books to My Child? + Linky

Welcome back to another week of the Love to Learn Linky!  Thanks so much to all the participants last week!  This week we are looking at wordless books.  Have you heard of them?  Do you have them on your bookshelf?  Here are 7 reasons why you should! (Trust me – your child will thank you!)

Wordless Books

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Talented – Helping Your Child’s Strengths SHINE

I have a friend who is a high school Drama teacher and she once told me about a fun way that she started the first class every year.  She would show her students this strange trick she could do with her tongue and then as an assignment, she would ask all the kids to present their special talent to the class by the end of the week.

It was a great ice breaker and the students loved showing off their “thing!”  I asked her if kids ever had a hard time coming up with something and she assured me that they didn’t.

In my 10 years of teaching kids, I have yet to find a student that doesn’t have some talent or way to shine.  However, elementary school aged kids aren’t like my friend’s high school students – they don’t always know what they’re good at!

Today’s post is about how to help your child find his or her STRENGTHS from an early age, and how to help encourage them to develop them and let them SHINE!

Talented - Helping Your Child's Strengths Shine One Time Through

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