Why Do Kids Act Out? How to Find the 2 Main Reasons

In today’s post, you will find the answer to the question, “WHY do kids act out?”– as well as some really helpful advice for  what you can DO about it – so that maybe, just maybe, the kids will stop driving you crazy!

Why Do Kids Act Out

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How to Make an Out of This World Flying Saucer Toy

Welcome back to another week of the Love to Learn Linky! Today I have a super-simple tutorial to make a paper plate flying saucer toy that looks REALLY COOL when it is thrown like a frisbee and will get the kids outside to have some out of this world fun!

Flying Saucer Toy

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How to Make Fireworks in a Jar

My 3 year old, “Onetime” just loves doing “experiments” – especially if they bubble and fizz! Today’s chemistry activity takes about 5 minutes to set up and is well worth the time!

This colourful, bubbly, streaming reaction reminds me of mini explosions and so I’ve named it Fireworks in a Jar!

Fireworks in a Jar

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When Kids Imitate Parents: The Good, the Bad and the Funny!

Do you ever have a day (or days) when you just feel like you’ve done nothing right as a parent?  We all have. We all mess up. Today’s post is for you.

Or maybe you’ve been wondering whether your efforts at talking to your kids about your values and actively modelling kindness, empathy, and respect are making an impact at all on them? Trust me. They are. This post is for you too!

This is a friendly reminder of the POWERFUL INFLUENCE that we have on our kids – for good, for bad, and in this case…for funny! When kids imitate parents, the results can be hilarious (even if only on later reflection.)

Check out these stories and I hope they make you smile, make you feel less alone, and make you feel like it’s okay if we make some mistakes!

When Kids Imitate Parents


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Victoria Day and Memorial Day Fireworks Painting

Looking for a fun and easy open-ended art project for the kids? With just a few inexpensive supplies, your kids can give our Victoria Day, Canada Day or Memorial Day fireworks painting a try!

Memorial Day Fireworks Painting

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How to Listen Effectively So Your Kids Will Talk

Do your kids start to tell you something about their day and then quickly stop and clam up? Do they say things like, “You don’t understand me!” or “You never LISTEN to me!“? Or, maybe you just always seem to be on different wavelengths when you’re talking?

I’ve gathered up 7 expert tips today that will help show you how to listen to your kids so they FEEL heard. These strategies will get them talking more, and are guaranteed to bring you closer – no matter what age your kids are!How to Listen

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20+ Outdoor Activities for Kids to Boost Their Spirits

Welcome to OUTDOOR week at the Love to Learn Linky! With sunny, warm weather finally arriving in Ontario, Canada, my son “Onetime” and I have been spending so much more time outside (Yes!). Both our moods have improved and our energy levels have lifted!

I’m lucky that Onetime loves just being outside, walking around the neighbourhood and yard and exploring and playing. But if your child would rather stay indoors and watch TV, definitely check out today’s roundup of unique and fun outdoor activities for kids!

Outdoor Activities for Kids

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Angel Violets Magic Wings Review & Giveaway!

I recently received a copy of a wonderful kids’ storybook called “Angel Violets Magic Wings” from Bonnie Snyder of Diamond Pathways, in exchange for an honest review on One Time Through.

Bonnie wrote the book for sensitive children to help them deal with difficult emotions and I was immediately interested – as raising an emotionally-healthy child is one of my main goals for my own son, Onetime.

Check out today’s review of the book and a GIVEAWAY contest where you could win your own free copy (plus a little bonus)!

Angel Violet's Magic Wings Review

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How to Make a Magic Sparkles Calming Jar

When my 3 year old son “Onetime” and I recently read a wonderful little storybook about how each and every person “sparkles” when they are happy, he said, “But I can’t SEE the sparkles Mama!”  

It was then that the idea for a swirly, glittery, violet-coloured (perfect for relaxation) “Magic Sparkles Calming Jar” developed. Find the instructions today to make this wonderful relaxation tool that is super simple to make, and crazy fun to shake!

Magic Sparkles Calming Jar

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Make Parenting EASIER With Positive Parenting Resources

Have you heard the term “Positive Parenting?” It’s more than a just a fad or a catch-phrase to describe the latest discipline technique. It is a research-backed approach to parenting kids respectfully that is gaining momentum and support around the world.

When I first started learning about positive parenting, I couldn’t get my hands on enough resources to learn more. Over the last 4 years, I’ve discovered plenty of amazing books, speakers, websites, associations, and blogs that have helped me learn to be the parent I want to be – and which have made parenting a LOT EASIER!

Today I’m sharing with you my Positive Parenting Resources List – (in the hopes that you’ll find it as helpful as I have!)

Positive Parenting Resources

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